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  • COROOS develops revolutionairy plant-based ingrediënts and product solutions!

COROOS develops revolutionairy plant-based ingrediënts and product solutions!


COROOS PLMA press-release may 11th 2023

Read the full press-release PLMA 2023 here

COROOS develops revolutionairy plant-based ingrediënts and product solutions!
An entire new product range based on aquafaba (egg-white replacement), single strength vegetable- and fruit purees, ready-to-use pulses and others, will be made available for food producers and food professionals around the world. We create our products by pureeing the edible part of the whole fruit or vegetable, without removing the juice or fibres. Based on these ingrediënts COROOS can supply tasty, healthy, plant-based products like alternatives for dairy, meat replacements, hummus, soups, sauces, purees, smoothies, drinks and more.
Visit COROOS at PLMA Hall 7 stand 7.J01
COROOS is a Dutch family business that has been creating solutions for vegetables,
fruit and pulses since 1957 and delivers them all around the world. In two high-tech
production facilities, sustainable food products are made by more than 580 people
every day. With this new range of customized food solutions, COROOS unburdens
other food producers in their processes and takes over part of the mise-en-place of
professional kitchens. With possibilities to deliver these products in bags between 1
to 1000 kilograms, there’s a solution for everyone.

Richard Corsmit CEO COROOS says: “With our knowledge, we have succeeded in
preparing revolutionary meat and dairy replacement solutions in bulk packaging for
professionals, with benefits in multiple ways: We deliver quality and convenience and we
are proud to be able to contribute in making the food industry more sustainable.

COROOS offerings come for food producers in these categories:

  • Hummus, Spreads and Dips
  • Bakery Solutions
  • Plant based Dairy and Desserts
  • Meat replacements/ Plant based Protein
  • Smoothies and Drinks
  • Health Snacks
  • Soups and Sauces
  • Ready-to-(h)eat Meals
  • Pulses for garnishing, filling and enriching meals
  • Gourmet Cooks
  • Chef’s basics